The Perpetual Capital Partners

We work with founders & enterprises as patient long-term partners.

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About Ananta

Realize the Infinite

Ananta embodies the Infinite Possibilities

Great businesses are built with finite resources but Infinite Passion, Enduring Tenacity and never-ending Innovation.

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We partner for the Long-term

Enterprises realize their true potential over the long-term, spanning a few business cycles most of the times. We are a constant partner in that build out.

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Investment Philosophy

Fundamentals Driven Long-term Investing

Our Team

Enterprise Building Mindset

“It has come to our notice that unscrupulous persons are using Ananta Capital name and logo and are luring individuals to open account with them and are taking money from such customers for investing in IPO/Shares trading . They are thus falsely inducing the public and are fraudulently taking money from innocent individuals using Ananta Capital / Ananta Capital Ventures name and logo . Also fake groups on social media such as “Telegram App” are being created giving investment advise and luring innocent individuals using Ananta Ventures / Ananta Capital Ventures name.

We hereby inform to the public at large that we have not invited money from third party individual investors and have no plans to do so . We do not have any website and we are not inviting public (individuals) to invest in our Fund. This is only a captive family investment vehicle. Please do not invest through such fake websites which are using Famy Ananta name and logo . We request public at large not to deal with such fraudulent individuals on fake website and if they do so, it will be at their own risk and we will not be responsible for any consequences thereof”

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