Ananta Capital is a mid-market private equity investment platform with a bias for long-term investing

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Ananta embodies the Infinite Possibilities

Ananta Capital is an investment management platform focused on partnering with businesses for the long-term. When we back companies, we don’t base our decision on timing or likelihood of a potential exit. On the contrary, we think of ourselves as “hold-to-maturity” investors. Ananta (Infinite and Endless in Sanskrit) defines the nature of our commitment to the enterprises we back.

We look at a mix of control and minority transactions with orientation as business owners or partners. We are broadly sector agnostic and evaluate all fundamentally strong capital efficient businesses which we believe can be long-term market leaders in their respective industries. Some of the sectors we particularly like are Consumer Products, Asset-light Healthcare, Financial Services and Specialized Manufacturing.

Ananta Capital is backed by the Taparia Group, one of the most respected business conglomerates from India. The group runs various businesses in the pharmaceutical, health & wellness, FMCG and retail industries. The group owned and ran one of the most successful pharmaceutical businesses from India – Famy Care.

The Taparia Group was started by Mr. JP Taparia the patriarch and chairman and being led by Sanjeev and Ashutosh Taparia

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