CEO In The Making Program

Join our Young Professionals Accelerator Program to fast-track your career towards CEO roles. Gain hands-on experience, exposure, and mentorship in a dynamic environment. Elevate your career with us.


CEO In The Making (CTM) program at Ananta is a high-impact initiative designed to cultivate leadership talent and groom Future Leaders for our portfolio companies.

We want to create exceptional culture in all our businesses and that’s where a central pipeline of such talent will ensure cultural convergence in all companies over time.

CEO In The Making (CTM) program
CEO In The Making (CTM) program

01 Who are we looking for?

  • Who are we looking for?
    Seeking driven young professionals with an entrepreneurial spark
  • Who are we looking for?
    Eager to make tangible impacts and drive results
  • Who are we looking for?
    Passionate about contributing to the growth of innovative businesses
  • Who are we looking for?
    Aspiring leaders ready to accelerate their careers towards CEO roles
  • Who are we looking for?
    Our program offers a pathway to achieve career milestones rapidly

02 Why Us?

It’s an absolutely Unique Opportunity. Acquire a holistic skill set and real-world experience necessary for CEO role within our portfolio companies.

Get ready to make Impactful Contributions. Your ideas and contributions will directly shape the growth trajectory of one or more of our portfolio companies.

Get unmatched Career Acceleration. Gain insights across multiple facets of business operations, far beyond what traditional roles offer.

03 Desired Qualification & Experience

Education: B Tech/MBA from IIT /IIM or equivalent top-tier institution with a strong academic record.

Experience: 1-4 years of hands-on experience in digital first businesses across finance, marketing, strategy, operations and analytical roles.

Skills: Analytical mindset, strong lateral thinking ability, strategic thinking, strong communication, and a passion for innovation and entrepreneurship.

04 The Personality

The Personality

Passion for Business
Leadership and Growth

Passion for Business Leadership and Growth

The Personality

Quick Learning and

Quick Learning and Adaptability

The Personality

Curiosity for Innovation and

Curiosity for Innovation and xploration

The Personality

Ability to Handle
Entrepreneurial Challenges

Ability to Handle Entrepreneurial Challenges

The Personality

Proven Ambition and

Proven Ambition and Determination

The Personality

Initiative-driven self-starter

Initiative-driven self-starter powering

05 Program Structure

CEO In The Making at Ananta offers rotational stints across diverse functions within our portfolio companies. Designed to groom top-tier talent, the program shapes future CEOs, fostering versatility and collaboration for driving growth and innovation

Over 24-36 months, you'll learn and contribute across various functions

Rotational Operating Stints
Engage in three immersive rotations across different business units or functions across the portfolio businesses, including Marketing, Product Development, Supply Chain & Operations, Finance, and more.

Operational Immersion
Dive deep into the day-to-day operations, gaining invaluable experience and insights into multiple aspects of a rapidly growing digital first business.

Strategic Initiatives
Strategic Initiatives Design meticulous implementation roadmaps and drive their execution by collaborating closely with internal and external stakeholders.

Innovation and Impact
Contribute your innovative ideas and strategies, witnessing the direct impact of your contributions on our business growth and success.

06 Application Process & Timelines

Initial Application:
Submit your resume along with a cover letter highlighting your passion for entrepreneurship and your alignment with our program’s purpose.

Assessment Stage
Shortlisted candidates will undergo a series of assessments and interviews to evaluate fitment with the program and our culture.

Successful candidates will join the program and embark on an exciting journey towards leadership and entrepreneurship within our fund and portfolio company ecosystem.

07 Evaluation Criterion

Candidates will be assessed based on a holistic review considering:

  • Academic achievements and performance.
  • Relevance of professional experience.
  • Demonstrated entrepreneurial mindset, leadership potential, and innovation.
  • Compatibility with the program's objectives and values.

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